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The Ababda are nomads living in the Eastern Desert and Red Sea mountains in southeast Egypt. This group of nomads shows strong connections with the overarching Beja culture in Egypt, Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia. The local economy is largely based on herding camels, goats and sheep, although many nomads nowadays find employment in fishing, as truck drivers, or as cheap labor and, increasingly, in tourism. Recent developments have made the preservation of this rapidly disappearing local culture extremely urgent.


Ababda woman at Wadi Deef

Ababda girl at Wadi Hodean

Ababda woman at Wadi Deefat

Ababda man at Wadi Hodean

Ababda girl at Wadi Deef

Ababda child at Wadi Deefat

Ababda child at Wadi Deef

Abbada man by Shiekh Malek

Ababda woman at Hamata Mountain

Habitation types

Transportable dwelling 'khiasha'

Ababda camp

Transportable dwelling 'khiasha'

Kid goats' tent

Tomb of a virtuous shiekh

Inside the tomb

Belongings of the deceased

A praying place "mesaleya" by a tomb

Possessions stored away from wildlife

Acacia wood traditional shade

Ababda settlement at Qulaan

Settlement shacks made from drift wood
Livelihoods-crafts- customs

Herding camel and sheep

Watering a camel at Bir Abu Safaa

Making charcoal

Trading in charcoal

At the water well

Picking medicinal plants

A few Ababda are fishermen

Fisherman at Qulaan mangrove bay

Traditional weaving

Rug with traditional pattern

Making traditional cofee'gabana"

New and old gabana case

Gaban case show intricate details

'Makhala’ is a mascara container

Guide points out the prehistoric rock art

Moving on with possessions on camel

Wedding at Wadi El Gemal

Wedding at Wadi El Gemal

Festival ’mouled’ at Sheikh Malek

Swings in mouled

Carousel in mouled
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