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Serving Egypt's Natural and Cultural Heritage

  One of the very few civilizations with a long, continuous and fascinating history is that of Egypt. From the relics of prehistory and the wonders of Ancient Egypt to the brilliant civilization of the medieval period, a wealth of art and architecture, which constitutes a sizable portion of the world’s heritage, is located in Egypt. Egypt is also blessed with immensely varied wildlife and habitats; the fertile Nile Valley is hemmed in by arid deserts that stretch to the seas, the limpid waters of which reveal nature’s infinite variety, from sea grasses to the teeming life of the coral reefs.
Egypt has been traversed by migratory peoples since time immemorial; some have settled in this ancient land and each group has influenced the landscape.
At Image House, backed by meticulous research, we see our mission as a challenge to explore, document and raise awareness of our natural and cultural heritage and to advocate conservation and sustainability.
In order to meet the challenge we have created a synergy between architect and photographer; between writer and diver in which the results include park infrastructure, exhibits, publications, films and electronic media designed to empower conservation, encourage the people of Egypt to take greater individual responsibility for their country's resources and to reveal Egypt’s riches to the world.

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